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Activate your Nitro.

“Grab a helmet and your favorite pair of driving gloves. These ain’t no bumper cars!”

Concept Art.

Sketches for the study about of aesthetic alternatives, ambience definition and other aspects such as: aggressiveness and caricaturization of the elements.

Final Art and Screenshots.

All the aggressiveness of cars and the interactions of the characters with them. The Traffic Slam Arena interface combines with game environment making a harmony between the crash sound of bumpers.

Traffic Slam

If the Traffic Slam series wasn’t good enough they’ve released Traffic Slam Arena! This time there’s no racing this is stricly personal smash and destruction business! Use the ARROW keys to drive around the levels and the aim of the game is to smash as many of your opponents to pieces as possible! Use the X button to activate your nitro and hit them with more speed and use the SPACE bar to pull the handbrake when you need those sharper turns!

Custom Game developed in Unity 3D, available in webplayer version only.




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Unity 3D, C#