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About Us

About Lumen.

Founded in 2004 by Tiago Melo, we are a passionate team of 42 professionals dedicated to crafting new universes and immersive experiences within our games. Since 2015, our exclusive focus has been on full-cycle mobile game development.

We meticulously create experiences that deeply resonate with players, starting from the early stages of IP building, game concepts, prototyping, playtesting, and soft launch, all the way to global release, live operations, and scaling. Our data-driven approach allows us to deliver game updates based on real player data, ensuring a clear development roadmap that delivers what our players really want.

Our vision is to create experiences that touch people’s hearts and become a global reference through the games we develop.

Crafting unforgettable worlds through original IPs.


We are a team of 42 game developers.

Game developers, game designers, Unity and backend engineers, artists, animators, producers, product managers, quality assurance testers, customer support representatives, community managers, leaders, parents, and friends.